Flavour so good

your tastebuds

will dance

Unconditional agreement

Remember the time...

What is the value of history? Norris & Bell offers a sense of nostalgia – yours, & ours.

Enriched with smoke and char, Norris & Bell’s dishes draw out favourite memories. Wood-fired prawns with the scent of a beach bonfire, charred pork with apple & apricot chutney reminiscent of Christmas day and fruit pie, and oysters with the foam, bubble, and salt of a day in the ocean waves.

So go on, sit back with your favorite drink, taking in the views of the palm trees and Tauranga waterfront.

Rich in history, rich in flavour

A key part of the Norris & Bell experience is strength in flavours. The tang of sherry vinegar mignonette oysters, the fire of charred cauliflower, and the bite of espresso and dark rum bonet. The menu is deliciously tantalizing with vivid flavour.

Share Plates

Start your evening with seafood from the Moana Bar, a small plate, or a side dish.


For the main course, enjoy wood fired meat, fresh oysters, or a vegetarian option.


Spoil yourself, indulge in a gourmet dessert, perfect to end the evening on a high note.


Share stories, laughs and
mind-blowing food.

A woodfire is both a source of earthy flavour and a cozy home ambiance. Norris & Bell is the place to gather with others and share a platter of fresh oysters over a bottle of wine.

Watch with delight as the chefs kindle the flame for your meal before you. Ring the bell to reserve your table at our place.



The Norris & Bell Story

Once upon a time, in a Tauranga not so long ago, two innovative kiwis opened their land agency on The Strand.

Every great story starts with two friends, a dream, and a dog who can’t stay still for a photo. Well, perhaps not every story, but this one certainly does. Colin Norris and George Bell founded the aptly named Norris & Bell on The Strand around 1915, when only about 4,000 people called Tauranga home.

A lot has changed over 100 years. We should continue to acknowledge the past for what it taught us and where we have progressed. Enter Norris & Bell – reinvented by restaurant developers Billy Emeny & Mohinder Sawroop. Influential in developing the Strand and Tauranga region, some similarities are carried on now with Billy & Moh developing the dining experience on The Strand.

   Tenants in common

Eat oysters with us.

Monday:           4.30pm – Late
Tuesday:           4.30pm – Late
Wednesday:     4.30pm – Late
Thursday:         4.30pm – Late
Friday:               4.30pm– Late
Saturday:          4:30pm – Late
Sunday:             CLOSED

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