A new dining experience.


French; A surname meaning caretaker. A person who gives physical or emotional care.


A chime. A sound used to draw attention.

Today Norris & Bell represents exquisite care and attention. But how did this restaurant evolve into what it is today? This steak & oyster restaurant draws on the rich history of this building and rich flavours to deliver a unique and nostalgia-inspired dining experience.

Once upon a time, in a Tauranga not so long ago, two innovative kiwis opened their land agency on The Strand.

Colin Norris and George Bell founded the aptly named Norris & Bell on The Strand around 1915. Only about 4,000 people called Tauranga home.

A lot has changed over 100 years. We should continue to acknowledge the past for what it taught us and where we have progressed. Enter Norris & Bell – reinvented by restaurant developers Billy Emeny & Mohinder Sawroop. Influential in developing The Strand and Tauranga region, some similarities are carried on now with Billy & Moh developing the dining experience on The Strand.

Opening to the public in March 2021, Norris & Bell’s menu is designed with intriguing smells and tastes that draw out memories from a time past. Wood-fired prawns with the scent of abeach bonfire, charred pork with apple & apricot chutney reminiscent of Christmas day and fruit pie, and oysters with the foam, bubble, and salt of a day in the ocean waves.